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Opciones de tinción de mapas de madera

Manchas naturales – ADVENTURER (desde arriba a la izquierda) Natural – sin teñir Roble Pino amarillo Pino Roble dorado Castaña Cereza Abeto rojo Caoba Abeto – verde Teca Nuez Palisandro Gris Países del mapa del mundo de madera en colores de tinción específicos: Nuez (Alemania, Chile, Grecia) Roble (Nueva Gales del Sur, California, Perú) Castaño […]

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Country Flag Face Masks

Our original washable face masks are designed and manufactured in-house and feature an embroidery of a country flag of your choice. We initially began with just a reausable mask of Slovakia. Then we quickly found that many others would love to represent their countries on facemasks that are now mandatory in quite a few places […]

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Cotton Face Masks

Cotton face masks aren’t medical, so they won’t protect you from getting COVID-19. However, the general advice is that wearing a cloth or homemade face mask can help protect other people. Especially if you’re carrying the virus without realising it. Should You Wear a Face Mask? Official advice on whether you should wear a face mask […]

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